CorCyte™ Technologies manufactures the safest, most cost-effective ECMO Cart that improves the functional profile of extracorporeal bypass equipment, making temporary or emergency cardiopulmonary bypass technology easily mobile and rapidly deployable in small-scale healthcare environments such as emergency rooms, hybrid ORs, cath labs, and ICUs.  Additionally, the CorCyte™ eCPS System is scaled for easy transport in ambulances, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft. This product meets the needs of facilities requiring a mobile ECMO Cart, ECLS Cart, or CPS Cart. 

CorCyte™ Technologies provides for the sale of ECMO carts, ECMO equipment rentals and ECMO equipment sales and disposable sales.

Cardiopulmonary support (CPS) and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) are considered standard therapy in both surgical and intensive care environments.  But artificial heart and lung technology remains unavailable in many critical care facilities around the world.  Bypass systems are expensive and typically limited in mobility, as a result, only large hospitals and medical centers with established cardiac programs are able to benefit from this technology.

Patients in smaller facilities must be transferred to larger hospitals if this treatment is needed, a step that may result in further health complications or death due to time spent in transit or lack of necessary support.

In addition, many cath labs that perform extensive cardiovascular procedures do not have bypass systems on site due to space and budget constraints.  Emergency rooms likewise often lack this important technology, even though these facilities are typically the first point of contact for patients requiring emergent support.

Across the world, artificial heart and lung technology is severely underutilized due to excessive cost, complexity, and inaccessibility.

The ExFer® ECMO Cart and eCPS Cart System are designed to solve this problem.  We encourage you to learn more about CorCyte™ Technologies’ products or request a quote today.